Description of lessons


Tuition with a choice of Guitar, Bass, Keys and Vocals and drums. You can learn to be graded using Rockschool for all of the above and also RGT for Guitar. Any students that would like to take their skills further in the future will have the opportunity to learn Music Tech using either Logic, Protools, Cubase or Garageband. 

English language & Debate Club

Take a look at some of the books on the GCSE English curriculum and films or discover some new ones. What are your favourite books? Has there been a film made of the book? We will discuss how books are different from or similar to the films, think about what ideas you may have to improve the story and come up with ideas to create your own characters! These lessons will crossover to the Creative Writing and Art sessions too! (not exclusively)

Science GCSE/KS4

Science is the intellectual and practical study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world, through observation and experiment. Science is the concerted human effort to understand, or to understand better, the history of the natural world and how the natural world works.
Chemistry is a great way to understand how chemicals are formed, processed and used, along with loads of other cool stuff. In our GCSE Chemistry, you will learn about the principles of chemistry, chemistry of the elements, organic chemistry, physical chemistry and chemistry in industry.

If you want to know how the ground, the world, even the universe forms around you, then our GCSE Physics is for you. Dan makes physics interactive with fun power-points, facts and experiments. In Physics, you will learn about Forces and Motion, Electricity, Waves, Energy Recourse and Energy Transfer, Solids Liquids and Gases, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Radioactivity and Particles.

Biology is all about living organisms, structures and much more. Liam makes Biology fun with lots of creative activities to help understand the academic knowledge of the subject. In biology, we cover: The Nature and Variety of Living Organisms, Structures and Functions in Living Organism, Reproduction and Inheritance, Ecology and The Environment and Use of Biological Resources.

Maths GCSE/ks4

Discover your creative mathematical side with Jules in these fun and friendly lessons. maths is now available everyday. We are including A-level maths class on a wednesday afternoon.

English GCSE/KS4

Learn English at GCSE level with Jules and Brenda, in a fun and relaxed way. Learn techniques on writing style, storytelling, characters and plot-lines. This lesson will crossover with Book/Film studies and Art sessions. (Not exclusively) 

Design and Technology and Photography 

Fridays are now more exciting than ever. We are covering Art, Woodwork, Photography and architecture. These classes are child led and include a number of crafts and styles. Getting them to experience design and restoration on all levels from touch and texture to emotion discovery, team building and personal skill building. Finally showing production from ideas to making a piece of art to showcasing or selling a product. All whilst having fun!

Art for over 12’s is skill development, art exploration and showing business skills where wanted. Still led by them but with a positive, confidence building outlook getting encouraged by practice and perseverance.

More to follow!